attempt at qtDragon, pre 2.9 LinuxCNC, 7i96, 7i75, USB buttonboard, XHB-04, 2.2Kw spindle and vfd
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cnc 8db06c652e update 6 months ago
macros Frisse moed wederom een poging tot tool measuring in qtDragon 7 months ago
python Frisse moed wederom een poging tot tool measuring in qtDragon 7 months ago
.gitignore adjusted, removed ignoring preference file 12 months ago
7i84.gpio.halshow werkend 11 months ago
7i96.gpio.halshow initial 1 year ago
7i96.pins werkend 11 months ago
7i96.txt werkend 11 months ago
7i96All.gpio.halshow all GPIO pins at once 12 months ago
argentium.qss changed stylesheet to get proper names for the flood en mist buttons 7 months ago
buttons.hal update 6 months ago
custom.hal spindle-on vacuum and time delay added 12 months ago
custom_postgui.hal just in case 8 months ago
halreport.txt werkend 11 months ago
halshow.preferences update 6 months ago
joystick.halshow watch the inputs 1 year ago
lights.hal buttonboard and 7i75 are working now 12 months ago
loadrt.hal placed USB joystick and lights in seperate files, moved most of loadrt statements in loadrt.hal 1 year ago
powerswitch.halshow just in case 8 months ago
qt.hal just in case 8 months ago
qt.ini update 6 months ago
qtdragon.pref shutdown message OFFgit add qtdragon.pref git add qtdragon.pref 7 months ago
qtvcp_postgui.hal analog inputs and stuff 7 months ago
shutdown.hal initial 1 year ago
tool.tbl nieuwe poging met tlo probeersels 7 months ago
vacuum.halshow Added or2 function for screen button and spindle-on as triggers for vacuum 12 months ago
vfd.hal update 6 months ago
vfd_postgui.hal initial 1 year ago