Desciption of hard and software used to build my CNC machine. Installing and maintaning a LinuxCNC installation with 7I96 MESA card, a 2.2Kw VFD spindle, HB04 remote and loads more
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I remapped M6. in the toolChange.ngc file, I have following:
o<toolchange> sub
(print, o<toolchange>)
; only execute this file if the requested tool is different tool in spindle
O100 IF [#<tool_in_spindle> NE #<selected_tool>]
(print, request tool different from loaded, start tc)
; debug code
G0 X5 Y5
o<toolchange> endsub [1]

I noticed after this file is executed, the default M6 is still called. e.g. the machine will still move to the predefined location and pop a message to ask me to change tools. if the tool request is different from the tool loaded, it will move to x5y5 first then move to the predefined location and pop the message.

any idea why?

I have this line in ini file: REMAP=M6 modalgroup=6 prolog=change_prolog ngc=toolchange epilog=change_epilog

The following, slightly modified works for my remap M6:

in INI:
REMAP=M6  modalgroup=6 prolog=change_prolog ngc=change epilog=change_epilog


add stanza
TCH_X = 144
TCH_Y = 111
TCH_Z = 0

exclude specific Tool and T in spindle, G1 to change position
o<change> sub
o800 IF     [#<_task> EQ 0]
o800        RETURN [99]
o800 ENDIF
o141 IF     [[#<selected_tool> EQ 999] OR [#<selected_tool> EQ #<tool_in_spindle>]]
o141 RETURN [1]
o141 ENDIF
			#<F_TRAV> = 1200
			G0 G53 Z#<_ini[TOOLCHANGE]tch_z>
			G1 G53 X#<_ini[TOOLCHANGE]tch_x> Y#<_ini[TOOLCHANGE]tch_y> F#<F_TRAV>
o<change> endsub [1]